As mobility is getting redefined globally, powerful tech-driven platforms can unlock multiple solutions like Shared Mobility, Personal Mobility, and Enterprise mobility at a high-speed and scale.

Mobility is probably one of the oldest industries, but has traditionally been slowly evolving. While it enables the movement of billions of people everyday, the industry itself takes years together to implement new innovations. But that has changed massively in the last decade. New age start-ups are marrying technological expertise, with purpose-built vehicular designs and agile operations, that could be taken live to the road in a very short time frame, and are also disrupting customer experience.

Personal mobility

Yulu is such a vertically-integrated solution with the potential to change the face of mobility in many countries. We presented it to visitors at CES 2023 along with our next generation of Miracle and DeX EVs for micro-mobility. It was a proud moment for us as every year, the CES (or Consumer Electronics Show), showcases some of the cutting edge technologies developed by leading companies of the world. This year some of the highlights were flying cars and electric recreational boats, futuristic VR headsets and gadgets, smart home charging systems, and much more.

Yulu Shared EVs and mobility technology solves an important challenge facing people today. Be it reaching from our homes or office to the nearest bus stand or metro, or quickly going out to buy some utilities, or having a vehicle in a city you are new to, or giving self-employed people an e-mobility option that is affordable and doesn’t need a driving license, it is not always feasible to use our cars or personal vehicles. And this is where our mobility platform offers a delightful, practical & sustainable solution. Our platform comprises of:

Purpose-built electric 2-wheelers: Yulu’s electric 2-wheelers are a perfect blend of intelligence, form & function. Connected & Purpose-built for easy unisex use, versatile use-cases and city-friendly ride, Yulu vehicles are for everyone.

Reliable Li-ion Batteries: Safe and reliable Li-Ion batteries using LFP chemistry power Yulu EVs. CAN-enabled, these smart batteries communicate with the EV 10 times per second delivering superior ride performance & efficiency.

Intelligent Charging Stations: Our new-age charging stations are ergonomically designed, connected and safe. Fully integrated with the core mobility platform, these units manage battery charging for safe & efficient operations at scale.

AI-driven Operations System: AI & ML powered, Yulu’s operations management system is built for scale with efficiency, honed over 100s of real-world iterations, and integrates data points right up to the last level of details.

A user-friendly Customer App: The intuitive & user-friendly Yulu app is the gateway to our mobility solutions. From locating to accessing Yulu EVs, and from locating Battery swapping stations to reserving batteries, the power is at users’ fingertips.

One of the main advantages of Yulu’s platform is that it offers a mobility solution that has 40% lower cost of operations v/s conventional fuel vehicles. Along with this, our hardware components are deeply integrated with an intelligent software stack, giving a platform that offers a seamless, highly-scalable & inclusive mobility solution. And while this same platform can be used for intra-city delivery as well, without the entry barriers of getting a bank loan or having a driving license, it’s a win-win situation for all. Yulu is not just about the intelligent EVs. It is about innovation. It is about building partnerships globally, and having a plug & play green mobility solution that can be taken to any city.

Every era is marked by stories about individuals who ignite a change, companies that build solutions for tomorrow, and products that become the cultural conscience of the cities we live and love. What Start-ups like ours are doing is build trust among people to use new technologies by faster and efficient implementation, and embracing a positive change – making mobility accessible, affordable & sustainable for all.

This article was originally published by Yulu.


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