While EVs come in different shapes and sizes, we are moving to a new age of e-mobility revolution dominated by purpose-built vehicles for various use-cases.

Yulu is one of the few companies the worldover that caters to both shared mobility of people, and goods delivery with our custom-built EVs. While Yulu Miracle has established itself as an affordable and accessible option for daily intra-city commute, Yulu DeX is built for the Delivery Executives and helps them maximize their earnings potential.


The DeX is a result of our on-ground understanding of a Delivery Executives daily life, inputs from extensive user interviews and rigorous on-road testing. The DeX is an intelligent vehicle that is not only physically purpose-built for non-stop deliveries, but also connects and communicates with a larger ecosystem through:

  • Smart batteries that send real time data to our systems on the charge and health of batteries, so that the downtime is managed & minimized
  • Smart vehicle system that gives real-time vehicle information like distance, speed, range, faults etc, for an optimised and seamless ride experience, and also helps in preventive maintenance

The two core user benefits that the DeX is built on are-

1) Maximising Earnings: The DeX reduces the operating costs of delivery executives by almost 35-40%, and helps them save more per order compared to ICE vehicles. For every kilometer that one rides on a DeX, they save upto Rs 2.5 as compared to a conventional petrol vehicle. Along with this, with Yulu, DeX customers can just focus on deliveries and not have to worry about maintenance & repairs, resulting in extra saving of as much as Rs 200/day. Our initial pilot has shown that DeX users can ride for longer, hence fulfilling more deliveries, increasing their daily income too!


2) Deliver in comfort: DeX is loaded with features that make the whole ride experience comfortable for the Delivery Executives despite long usage hours. Here are some USPs of the DeX:

  • Built for city-ride: DeX’s smart form-factor is designed to help delivery executives move around congested city roads as well as narrow lanes with ease. It has better suspensions for the uneven terrain and potholes of city roads, and rides smoothly in most of the Indian climate and road conditions.
  • Purpose-built design: DeX has a dedicated luggage carrier with 10 kg capacity. This carrier has been designed to securely hold delivery bags of most shapes and sizes, including for food, groceries, daily essentials, and package delivery. The smart-sized form-factor of our EVs also gives them the stability they need and makes it easy to maneuver around the city.
  • Comfortable Seats: DeX has better ergonomics in terms of seating, and the height of the vehicle suits both male and female riders. The seats are longer and wider, along with cushioning that is optimized for long ride times as most of our delivery executives spend as much as 6-8 hours riding everyday!
  • New Light Systems: DeX includes automated bright LED headlamps & taillamps, along with a new set of reflectors. Not just this, but it also has brake lights, which means the light becomes brighter every time you brake – giving enough warning to the traffic coming from behind to slow down. Since the delivery executives sometimes have to work late into the night, and most of them have to travel through dark bylanes and fast moving traffic, this is important both in terms of utility and safety of the rider.
  • Longer Range: DeX comes with a new battery pack that has a range of 60 kms. The batteries are placed under the seat and have a push-fit mechanism, making them less prone to physical damage and allowing for quick swaps at the battery station. It is also supported by the Max Network of battery charging and swapping stations for battery swaps, reducing the range anxiety of delivery executives.
  • Longer Uptime: Moreover, using our new ‘Token System’ on Yulu app, delivery executives can reserve a charged battery without having to go physically to the MAX Station. For delivery executives, time is money. So a longer lasting battery, and a quick swap mechanism powered by the token system, enables them to have longer uptime for deliveries.

Using Yulu’s Shared EVs delivery executives are also contributing to a sustainable future by reducing their carbon footprint. Till date, Yulu has enabled 75 Mn+ green deliveries, and has been used by 50,000+ delivery executives. With DeX, we are providing a solution that is not only helping underserved sections of the society rise with an access to mobility, but also providing that essential link of affordable e-mobility that is critical for growth of many new & growing businesses.

This article was originally published by Yulu.


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