If you’re even remotely clued in to the recent developments in electric mobility, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of battery swapping or battery as a service (BaaS). A relatively recent phenomenon, battery swapping is being called the answer to the shortage of EV charging infrastructure in cities.

But what is battery swapping exactly and how does it work? And why is Yuma — an associate of Yulu that runs 120 swapping stations across India — one of the leading players in this industry?

Let’s explore all these questions about battery swapping in this simple guide that answers your queries while simultaneously introducing you to Yuma’s smart and technology-enabled battery swapping service.

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How Does Battery Swapping Work on Yuma’s Network?

Yuma’s innovative energy offering is an effective solution to the challenge of EV range anxiety. As one of India’s largest BaaS companies, Yuma has established an extensive network of battery charging and swapping stations spanning across India. These well-distributed battery swapping stations guarantee users immediate access to fully charged batteries, mitigating any apprehensions associated with EV charging and enhancing the reliability and convenience of using shared EVs like Yulu.

  • How does battery swapping work? Battery swapping involves replacing depleted EV batteries with fully charged ones at designated swap stations. With Yuma, EV riders can book a battery swap token and get their depleted battery swapped with a fully charged one in under a minute!
  • What is the nature of Yulu’s partnership with Yuma? Yuma is a joint venture of Yulu and Canada-based global auto company Magna. Yulu’s rental EVs currently rely on Yuma’s swap network. Hence, the association enables Yulu’s EVs to solve the energy problem for its users across multiple cities.
  • How Yuma mitigates EV range anxiety: A user can visit the nearest battery swap station, swap a battery, and be on their way in no time. Thus, there is no fear of being stranded due to a discharged battery.

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Why Choose Yuma’s EV Battery Swap Network?

Opting for battery swapping has various advantages. These advantages make it as the top choice for commuters, delivery executives and e-commerce/last-mile logistics companies alike. Here’s an overview of the key benefits of battery swapping:

  • Time savings: Bid farewell to the inconvenience of plugging in your EV to a charging point and waiting several hours for the battery to charge. Yuma’s network allows you to swiftly swap the battery and continue your journey without delay.
  • Accelerated adoption: Opting for battery swapping enables users to embrace EVs. It also eliminates carbon emissions and leads to green journeys.
  • Proven success: With a track record of conducting over 10 million battery swaps across India, Yuma’s battery swapping is testament to its reliability and effectiveness.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When you buy an EV, you pay a premium for the in-built battery. However, swapping the battery on a rental EV drives down your cost as you only pay for the energy you actually consume.

When Should You Swap the Battery?

When riding a Yulu, you need to check the Distance to End or DTE (i.e., the kilometres left in the Yulu bike before it runs out of charge). This information is visible on the Yulu app.

If the DTE is less than 13 km, you can swap the battery for free at a Yuma battery charging and swapping station. You will also be notified by the Yulu app to head for a battery swap when the DTE is less than or equal to 13 km. The charge status of the Yulu EV battery can also be identified by the red light indicator on the Yulu bike. The battery indicator light will glow green on the bike handle, if the bike has enough charge/range.

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How to Get Free Battery Swaps with Yulu

Free battery swaps are a part of the Yulu’s long-term flexible rental plans and can be availed when the DTE is less than 13 km. Users should not wait for the DTE to become zero before booking a token. They should check the Yulu app for nudges and should book a token as soon as the DTE is shown to be equal to or less than 13 km.

For Yulu Miracle riders, battery swaps are done by a dedicated team of on-field and they don’t have to worry about charging their EVs while riding!

What If You Need a Late-Night Battery Swap?

Yuma’s stations are operational between 6AM and 1AM daily. A few Yuma stations are operational 24×7. The locations of these Yuma stations can be seen on the Yulu app. Users can plan their battery swaps depending on their commute or work timings, and the location of their nearest Yuma station.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does a Yulu bike rental cost with a battery swap?

Yulu has flexible rental plans starting from as low as Rs 168. Battery swap costs are included in the rental plan.

2. How can I locate a Yulu battery swap station?

You can use the Yulu app to locate the nearest Yuma battery swap station. The Yulu app provides real-time information on the available stations and their distance from your current location.

This article was originally published by Yulu.



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