The rise of electric micro-mobility in India has been meteoric, but it has also brought about a revolution in safety. Yulu’s technology-led mobility platform has further cemented safety through software features.

In today’s blog, we will focus three such features — wrong-way ride detection, operational zones, and IoT-enabled preventive ride maintenance — that Yulu is using to reshape the future of micro-mobility.

Wrong Way Ride Detection: Revolutionising Route Safety

When navigating congested roads, riders may feel tempted to take shortcuts. Unfortunately, this often involves riding against the flow of traffic, which is illegal and poses serious safety risks. To address this risk, Yulu has introduced an innovative wrong-way ride detection system, which is designed to revolutionise route safety and enhance the overall riding experience of its users.

Smart Yulu Features That Enhance Your Safety on the Roads

At the heart of this system lies a sophisticated combination of different tech features seamlessly integrated into Yulu’s EVs. This technology enables Yulu to accurately identify instances where riders deviate from prescribed traffic routes.

When a rider ventures onto the wrong side of the road, Yulu detects the violation immediately and notifies the rider at the end of the trip though the Yulu app. This notification not only ensures that riders correct their behaviour but also serves as a vital safety measure, preventing potential accidents caused by wrong-way riding.

By using cutting-edge technology to promote safe riding, Yulu not only prioritises the well-being of its riders but also helps reduce road accidents: a pressing concern in bustling cities. With the wrong-way ride detection feature, Yulu encourages riders to comply with traffic rules, which ultimately makes cities safer for everyone.

Operational Zones: Keeping Your Rides Within Safe Boundaries

Operational zones are predefined areas within which Yulu’s EVs can be operated. Within the overall city map, Yulu has strategically created zones that are based on the demand for its shared EVs and the riding patterns of its users. The boundaries of these operational zones are clearly demarcated on the app so that users can plan their rides accordingly.

Picture this: You’re in Bengaluru, Mumbai, or Delhi, ready to embark on your Yulu journey. With a quick glance at the Yulu app, you can easily identify operational zones in your area, ensuring that your ride stays within authorised boundaries. Yulu’s operational zones enable smoother and better use of shared mobility resources. Additionally, by adhering to these predefined zones, users can navigate urban environments more confidently, while enabling the next user to find these bikes easily for their rides.

Overall, operational zones serve as a vital component of Yulu’s commitment to a safer, smarter, and more sustainable urban environment.

Preventive Ride Maintenance: Ensuring a Smooth Ride Every Time

Preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring that Yulu’s EVs remain in optimal condition, providing a reliable and safe mode of transportation. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Yulu closely monitors the health of its vehicles, thereby pre-empting potential issues before they turn serious.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Each Yulu Miracle and Yulu DeX vehicle is equipped with sensors that continuously transmit data about the vehicle’s condition to a central server. This real-time monitoring allows Yulu to closely monitor battery life, motor condition, and other critical aspects, ensuring your ride is smooth and hassle-free.
  2. Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms analyse sensor data to predict vehicle maintenance needs based on usage patterns and component conditions.
  3. Predictive Maintenance: Yulu uses predictive algorithms to schedule maintenance tasks, preventing issues before they occur. Predictive insights enable preventive repairs and component replacements, ensuring uninterrupted service for riders.
  4. Proactive Alerts: Automated service alerts notify maintenance teams of specific bike issues, allowing for timely intervention and minimal downtime.
  5. Preventive Repairs: For delivery businesses, Yulu’s predictive maintenance boosts efficiency by cutting their riders’ downtime, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring asset safety. For Yulu users, this means fewer service disruptions, smoother rides, and improved overall experience, as potential bike issues are identified and addressed proactively, ensuring reliable and convenient transportation.

A Future-Forward Approach to Safety in Urban Mobility

Yulu’s innovative safety features, such as wrong way ride detection, operational zones, and IoT-enabled preventive ride maintenance, are essential components that redefine safety standards in micro-mobility. By integrating these advanced features into its fleet of EVs, Yulu is not only enhancing user safety but also spearheading a transition towards reliable urban mobility solutions. As we look towards a future where electric vehicles become increasingly commonplace, companies like Yulu will continue to play an instrumental role in shaping safer, greener cities.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers (FAQs)

Q1: How does IOT help in the preventive maintenance of Yulu EVs?

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology enables Yulu to monitor real-time data from its vehicles. This feature allows for the timely identification of potential issues and responses, ensuring each Yulu EV remains safe and reliable.

Q2: Can I take Yulu’s bike anywhere?

You can use a Yulu bike within the designated operational zones shown on the Yulu app.

Q3: What happens if a rider rides a Yulu bike outside the designated zone?

If you ride a Yulu bike outside the designated operational zone, you will be warned and given in-app nudges to return back to the operational zone. Failing to do so will lead to the ride being (gradually) ended and penalties being levied on the user.

This article was originally written by Yulu.


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