Revolutionizing EVs: The Power of Battery Swapping in the Yulu Wynn

How do you imagine the future of mobility?
Sustainable & Emission-free? Definitely
Digitally connected? Because your vehicle speaks to you, duh!
Always ready-to-go? Waiting for your vehicle to charge is so yesterday!

What if we tell you the future of mobility is already here? It’s been brought alive by Yulu Wynn’s smart mobility packs.

A red yulu wynn scooter
Revolutionize EV riding with Yulu’s mobility packs

Instant Power, Infinite Freedom

Fully charging your electric vehicle (EV) can take 4-6 hours. Your Wynn Mobility Packs give you access to our Battery-as-a-Service offering so you never have to wait for your vehicle to charge and you never have to worry about your battery’s range. Our battery swapping infrastructure (our Yuma energy stations) ensures a station is always conveniently available, so you can swap your battery for a fully-charged battery in seconds, and are always ready-to-go. In fact, our network is one of the largest of this kind in India and has powered over 3.5 million swaps all over the country. With our Yuma stations, you’ll enjoy the freedom to explore, knowing that instant power is always at your fingertips.

Think of your battery as fuel, and your battery swap stations as petrol pumps. Now reimagine it so it’s greener, quicker and cheaper, and you’ll find our Yuma Energy Stations are the solution!

An Elevated Ownership Experience

Buying an EV is now easier and more affordable than ever before with the Wynn as you never have to think about repairing and maintaining your battery.  As with all electronic products, an EV’s battery deteriorates with time. You not only need to get it routinely serviced, but also incur a cost of almost Rs. 25,000 every 3-4 years to get it replaced. With our mobility pack subscription, you can reduce the upfront cost of buying an EV by 35-40% and reduce the spend on repairs and replacement, while ensuring you have always-new batteries in the best State of Health (SoH) all day, every day.

Smart Bikes, Smarter Batteries

Smart bikes need smarter batteries. Our 4th Gen batteries are built on cutting-edge technology and are always communicating with our IoT-enabled bikes. In fact, we monitor 15 alerts every 10 seconds around battery temperature, voltage, health of battery etc. and over 24 fault flags that allow us to track battery defects real-time. Better yet, our network is equipped with smart charging systems that are able to read and detect these faults and only charge batteries when they’re healthy and fault-free.

Our battery build, the strength of our network, and advanced algorithms ensure the highest levels of EV safety, energy efficiency, and performance, all so that you only need to take care of  your journey. We take care of everything else.

Driving the Future with Your Yulu App

Our mobility packs connect your Wynn to the entire Yuma station network in real-time. Need to charge your vehicle? Swap your battery in seconds. Planning for a power-packed day around the city? Find a Yuma Energy Station near you at all times. Keyless access. Seamless family sharing. On-the-air updates. And a host of other features, all in your hands.

Embrace the future of electric 2-wheelers with Yulu Wynn, where convenience and efficiency converge to redefine your driving experience.

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This article was originally published by Yulu.


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