Have you ever considered going outside but had to wait for someone else to give you a ride? And wished you had an easy mobility vehicle that can help you go around the city without worry? Fret not. We heard you too.

Now you don’t have to wait on others to make plans to go outside, or wait for someone to give you a ride. You also don’t have to be tired of waiting for rickshaws or your cabs canceling on you. Or buy a personal vehicle that makes you incur huge initial investment and maintenance costs.

Electric Vehicles

Yulu brings to you an easy-to-ride and intelligent electric 2 wheeler that is practical and affordable. After extensive research on user behaviour & the urban mobility needs of different age-groups, we built a mobility solution that is game-changing in its utility and design.

Yulu Wynn is one-of-its-kind Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV) that you can buy today. Wynn is truly designed in India and Made in India. With its unconventional form-factor, and multi-utility design, here are 5 reasons why we believe Wynn will be your perfect daily companion:

  • No Driving License required: Riding Wynn doesn’t require a driving license. Since Wynn is a Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSEV), it is safe to ride by people of all age-groups, and you don’t have to register the vehicle as well.
  • Truly Keyless Access: Yulu Wynn is a balanced mix of vehicles perfectly integrated with tech. With Yulu app-enabled access control, you can open, lock or pause your Wynn with a single click. Moreover, everything you need to know about the vehicle or your ride history is accessible in just One App. Be it your ride stats, the vehicle facts like battery health and maintenance, or payment data, everything is present in a single app. Even your vehicle servicing is booked digitally through the app and is fulfilled at your doorstep.
  • Shared Access & Easy Diagnostics: Wynn is the perfect EV for everyone. Be it a college-going student, a woman running quick household errands, or elderly people wanting to ride short distances, Wynn is designed for everyone. Yulu Wynn empowers you to lead your independent life. What more? You can share access to Wynn with any number of people and stay connected with them throughout. Also, through advanced telematics, the motor controller, Battery & IoT of Wynn speak to each other. This helps us optimize the performance & safety of your vehicle.
  • Unique Ownership Model: With Wynn, you don’t have to worry about range anxiety, or battery degradation, ever. With our unique ownership model, you don’t have to pay for an EV battery, which reduces the upfront cost of buying Wynn by upto 40%. You will have access to an always-new Wynn battery in the best state-of-health through our specialized mobility subscription packs. Our Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) is powered by the dense, safe and reliable battery swapping network of Yuma Energy. Wynn runs on one of the most reliable Lithium ion batteries that are built on safe LFP chemistry. You can reserve your battery swap in advance using the Yulu app and get a 100% charged battery at the nearest Yuma Station anytime.
  • Easy Maneuverability: Wynn is designed for urban needs. With a 74 cm seat-height, people of any height can ride Wynn easily. Also, with its compact 120 cm wheelbase and just 60 kgs weight, Wynn has a small wheel radius & is lightweight. It gives Wynn a smaller turning radius and easy maneuverability in city roads. Anyone, from a college student, to a woman or an elderly rider, can comfortably ride and navigate Wynn through narrow lanes and dense traffic.

Yulu’s newest EV, Wynn, is open for bookings. Ride Your Freedom, and be one of the first proud owners of the newest easy-mobility EV in the market.

Know more about places where you can test-ride and experience Wynn @ http://buy.yulu.bike 

To pre-book your Wynn, visit https://buy.yulu.bike/booking 

This article was originally published by Yulu.


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