2getthere realizes automated transit applications, operating on either segregated infrastructures, dedicated lanes or in mixed traffic. The systems are based on over 30 years of experience with automated vehicles in different demanding environments. The first applications were Automated Guided Vehicles in warehousing environments indoors, serving as a basis for the development of port applications (ECT container terminal) and eventually automated transit applications.

2getthere is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 2getthere Asia, a joint venture with SMRT based in Singapore, and 2getthere Middle East, a joint venture with United Technical Services in the United Arab Emirates, ensure 2getthere can serve its customers locally.


Our Vision: is to continually develop the landscape of automated transit technology by maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit.

2getthere has been at the forefront of introducing new transit systems since 1984. We will continue to push and innovate, providing efficient, high-quality transit systems for point-to-point connections, corridors and networks.


Our Mission: is to continue delivering market leading fully automated transit solutions.

As the only company realizing both Automated People Movers, Automated Transit Networks and Shared Autonomous Vehicles, and having realized multiple applications, 2getthere is capable of providing an appropriate solution for many applications. In the assessment of any application, the requirements and characteristics of the transit demand will determine the best solution.


Our values are collaborative, challengers, committed and humerous.

  • Collaborative: we do it together.
  • Challengers: we continually challenge existing thinking and solutions.
  • Committed: we take personal responsibility to get the job done.
  • Humorous: we take our work seriously, but not ourselves.

Autonomous Shuttles

Mixed traffic on existing roads for financially viable transit for modest volumes.

Autonomous shuttles operate in mixed traffic, using existing infrastructures. The vehicles are as fast as the slowest other road user, restricting the hourly capacity that can be provided. As there are no specific civil works, the low capital cost ensures a financially viable transit is still possible.

Automated Transit Networks

Direct origin to destination travel on a network of dedicated guideways.

ATN systems operate on a network of dedicated guideways to allow direct origin to destination travel. The direct connections optimize the passenger service level as well as the fleet capacity, ensuring a strong operational business case.

Automated People Movers

Segregated infrastructure with grade separated crossings for high capacities.

APM systems feature autonomous vehicles on a segregated, typically elevated guideway allowing for a high capacity through grade separated intersections. The additonal capital costs for the infrastructure are offset by the higher service level and the resulting ridership.


  • GRT Vehicle: Automated Minibus – 2getthere’s GRT vehicles are automated minibuses accommodating up to 22 passengers (8 seated, 14 standing). The vehicles allow for easy access through accurate docking at the stations, enabled by the ‘crabbing’ capability of the front and rear-wheel steering.
  • PRT Vehicle: Automated Taxi – 2getthere’s PRT vehicle accommodates a 6-person family (4 adults, 2 children) with additional space for either a wheelchair or luggage. It combines the desirable aspects of the car (private travel at any time) with the social advantages of public transport (no congestion and parking issues).
  • Navigation and Localization – The navigation is based on virtual routes, using localization based on odometry in combination with natural or artificial landmarks. 2getthere’s software is agnostic and can accommodate both landmark types.
  • Transit Operations Monitoring and Supervision – 2getthere’s Transit Operations Monitoring and Supervision (TOMS) system amongst others regulates traffic, coordinates transit scheduling based on demand, updates online, vehicle, station and operator screens and interfaces to the outside world in general.
  • Perception Systems: Sense and Understanding – 2getthere is actively developing enhanced perception systems for better sense and understanding. This includes sensor fusion, using 3D camera systems, LiDAR, radar and ultrasound sensors as well as classification.
  • Headway and Platooning – Minimizing the headway and platooning are seen as solutions to increasing the capacity of transit systems. With platooning, cooperative driving, multiple vehicles are linked virtually thus operting as a train.
  • Energy Management – 2getthere’s vehicles are designed for both cold and (extremely) warm climates. Charging of the vehicles is fully automatic, not requiring the vehicle to be plugged in manually or the operator to provide any order.


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