ATOM Mobility Hub Venture-Building Program Selects 12 Promising Teams

Back in August, together with innovation management company Helve, we launched the open call for ATOM Mobility Lab, a FREE venture-building / accelerator program helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build mobility companies from ZERO in just 9 weeks. Along with October, comes the beginning of our 9-week program. Out of more than 100 applications, we have selected 12 teams from 11 countries developing various shared mobility, ride-hailing, and on-demand services. It’s about time you meet them!

ATOM Mobility Lab Teams

Aver Mobility (Bulgaria)

The utilitarian approach to shared mobility.

Aver Mobility is a car sharing company that’s involved in solving urban mobility challenges. Their mission is widening the adoption of shared mobility with greener means of transportation in Eastern Europe without requiring anyone to step out of their cars. As we all know the personal car is an irreplaceable limb for the average Eastern European. Aver Mobility knows that they couldn’t influence that. They don’t want to do so, either. They want to step on that assumption but make it greener. The company will launch with a 100% EV fleet in Sofia (Bulgaria) and plans on replicating the same utilitarian approach while exporting the operational model in the rest of Eastern Europe.

ChargeM (Germany)

All-inclusive Shared Micro-Mobility System for A2A models

ChargeM provides an end-to-end solution for you guests, employees, and tenants: E-Scooter, wireless charging station, app, labeling, and operations. The company allows locations to passively provide an extra mobility solution to profit from every ride.The system comes with a wireless charging infrastructure for shared e-scooters to significantly reduce costs for collecting/ swapping and recharging of the vehicles. Their automated charging solution will allow providers to reach profitability sooner and make micromobility more sustainable – ecologically, economically, and socially.

Dodai (Ethiopia)

Affordable mobility ownership in Ethiopia

Dodai is an asset financing platform that offers underbanked customers access to life-enhancing products, and services. The company provides affordable mobility ownership for Ethiopian gig workers who intend to increase their earnings and comfort through the financing of electric two wheelers.

Drop (Romania)

Electric last-mile deliveries

Drop is a one-stop-shop solution, which not only offers delivery as a solution, but covers a large range of other services such as rider supply management, operational lease and rental options for EVs and LEVs, micro fulfillment as a service, and OOH delivery.

EcoTaxi (Estonia)

Safe, inclusive, and sustainable mobility

EcoTaxi is the first inclusive and sustainable logistics company in the Baltics that intends to solve emission problems by providing a platform for sustainable vehicles only. Their platform will actively reduce male to female assault by onboarding more female drivers and make accessibility easier for differently-abled persons. ExoTaxi’s customers are people who care about the planet and are interested in using sustainable methods to get to wherever they need to go.

Greenclick (US)

Disrupting over-the-counter desks with technology

Greenclick is scaling the on-site car rental market at hotels where >1% in the US offers car rental services out of 70k hotels. They’re carving out a new car rental market by solving congestion, long lines and waiting at airports, and serving guests when all rental locations close, disrupting over-the-counter desks with technology. With their vertical, they’re accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and providing a broad consumer market with their first test drive of an electric car.

JETT (France)

Rental subscription service without commitment

JETT is an e-moped rental subscription service without commitment. An easy and flexible, weekly or monthly, plan with no hidden or sign-up fees! They handle everything: insurance, maintenance, helmet, and even delivery to your doorstep! You just have to enjoy your own JETT!

MaaS in Tourism (Greece)

Mobility app for tourists and citizens to use at their destination

MaaS in Tourism company’s app will integrate all the means of transport that are available in the tourist destination that will be developed with the main goal to minimize the use of cars with carbon emissions. They also want to promote the use of public transport combined with other eco-friendly mobility choices such as electric scooters or bikes. This will be a g2c/b2c product and the target group will be mostly municipalities in Greece that are tourist destinations and offer a variety of means of transport and services around mobility. The company wants to make the citizens love their city more and the tourists to enjoy their vacation in a more sustainable and fun way.

MobiEV (Egypt)

Bringing micro-mobility and convenience to Egypt

MobiEV is on a mission to bring EV Micro-mobility to the Egyptian market of 100 million residents and 13 million annual tourists. Their aim is to pair convenience and pleasure into the service by strategically placing EVs servicing commercial and tourist hotspots. MobiEV will leverage technology, competitive energy prices, and 350 days of sunshine to provide sustainable shared mobility to their customers.

SHRINK Scooters (UK)

The UK’s first student-run socially conscious scooter sharing platform

SHRINK Scooters are the UK’s first student-run socially conscious scooter sharing platform integrating students living in the peripherals of Durham city into university life. The company plans to involve a fleet of 30-40 scooters to begin with and are currently exchanging discourse with the University and, with the support of numerous consultants, are preparing to tackle the challenge of obtaining a license form the Council.

Sun Spirit (Latvia)

Bringing sustainable water traffic to RigaSun Spirit believes that Riga has a resource that has not been properly used – the river Daugava. They want to build green, energy-powered, odorless, noiseless, modern, and sustainable traffic within the river and make it enjoyable for city residents and guests. Book on-the-go and hop-on or off whenever you want.

Swap-City (Latvia)

Compact car-sharing at the lowest prices

Swap-City is a service based in Riga that specializes in electric car sharing, using only unique compact cars with swappable batteries. This makes these cars always available, never out of power. Most exterior and interior spare parts are made by a 3D printer. Light and small two-seater cars that can travel a distance of up to 150km. They bring the most compact cars, at the lowest prices!

During the next 2 months, these 12 teams will work closely together with our lead mentors Johanna Braun and Mario Gamper to successfully launch their businesses at the end of the program. The program will conclude with a demo day on December 1 (16:00 CET), during which, the teams will present their progress and business plans to a panel of jurors to battle for prizes in the value of up to 30k EUR provided by ATOM Mobility, Funderbeam, KNOT, ACTON, Fluctuo, Sumsum, and movmi.

This article was originally published by ATOM Mobility.


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