With petrol prices hovering at over Rs100 in many parts of India, you might be thinking of buying or renting an electric vehicle (EV).

The question, however, is how do you pick the best electric bike? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the most important electric bike features to look for.

5 Crucial Features to Seek in an Electric Bike

While different EVs bring different perks to the table, here are five essential features to look for when buying an electric bike.

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1. Safety

Regardless of your preferences, safety features for electric bikes always take precedence over everything else. Especially when it comes to urban mobility, you’d want to make sure that your electric two-wheeler is as safe for city roads as possible.

  • EVs like Yulu Miracle and DeX have far fewer moving parts than most bikes, significantly improving mechanical safety.
  • Real-time IoT (Internet of Things) based vehicle awareness allows Yulu to ensure timely maintenance and repairs of its EVs. Additionally, this feature also allows Yulu to remove a bike from the fleet before it inconveniences users.
  • Being low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs), Yulu bikes are among the safest EVs around, since you can’t over-speed even by accident.
  • With no screens and excessive buttons on the dashboard, distractions are minimal. Especially in cities with heavy traffic, such EV features can help reduce the risk of accidents.

2. Smartphone Connectivity

App-based connectivity is a must-have feature of modern electric bikes. Apps bring a whole new kind of sophistication to the overall EV ride experience. Yulu’s EVs, for instance, can be entirely operated by users through their smartphone app.

Here are some of the things a user can do through the Yulu app:

  • Unlock a bike through the in-app menu and start their ride.
  • Check the ride details (location, time, pricing etc.)
  • See the list of rental packs
  • View in-app nudges for safe driving
  • Contact customer support for any issues.

The perks of app-based smart electric bike features don’t end with the rental experience. Yulu Wynn, an EV that you can own, comes with a host of modern app-enabled features including family access sharing, customised battery subscription packages, and more.

3. Manoeuvrability

While manoeuvrability is a crucial aspect of any vehicle, it calls for special attention if you aren’t an experienced rider.

  • Yulu electric bike features easy handling and an elegant design that allows you to navigate busy roads quickly and safely.
  • With their small form factor, Yulu bikes are well-suited for short trips when you may have to make your way through narrow roads or alleys.
  • Another important aspect to consider in this regard is the bike’s ergonomics. For example, the Yulu Wynn features a seat height of 74 cm, which is perfect for both male and female riders.

Good ergonomics not only make for a comfortable ride but also make the bike easier to control, especially for elderly riders.

4. Easy Charging and Battery Swapping

When going over the electric bike features and price, make sure that charging is as quick and easy as possible – you don’t want to be stuck for hours waiting for your bike to get charged.

What if we told you that you could get an EV that doesn’t need charging? Yuma Energy has built a network of 120+ battery-swapping stations in high-footfall areas across India for maximum accessibility.

  • Delivery executives renting a Yulu DeX can simply head to a battery swapping station and get the battery replaced as needed.
  • As for the Yulu Miracle, you can exchange the bike itself at a Yulu zone once it runs low on charge.

5. High-quality and sustainable materials

Don’t let the lightweight design deceive you – every Yulu bike boasts strong build quality. In our quest to reduce our carbon footprint and work towards a greener future, we also make use of sustainable and recycled materials. We also recycle a variety of components for our bikes, including motors, throttles, PCB boards, batteries, controllers and more.

Purpose-Built Electric Bikes: Getting the Best EV for Your Needs

A scrutiny of the electric bike features can also help you find the best EV bike for your requirements. Every Yulu bike is a purpose-built vehicle, designed for specific users.

For example, Yulu DeX is the perfect ride for delivery executives who need a vehicle for last-mile deliveries. A key feature of this EV is an ergonomically designed goods carrier that can support a load of 15 kg.

On the other hand, electric bikes that are designed for personal use are great for running errands or commuting to work. The Yulu Miracle is a perfect example, with its lightweight and simple design.

Why Should You Choose Yulu Bikes?

Now that you know of the electric bike features to consider when choosing one, it brings up the question – why should you pick Yulu Bikes? Well, besides the fact that our bikes tick all the boxes, they’re also sustainable and cost-effective.

Whether you need a quick ride or wish to rent a Yulu bike for a longer period, our budget-friendly plans will allow you to get around without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out the electric bike features and prices for our bikes and pick whichever suits your needs and budget the best.

This article was originally published by Yulu.


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