I Want to Ride My Bicycle, I Want to Ride My E-bike: Voi Goes Multimodal, Introduces E-bikes to Market

Voi strongly believes in the power of e-scooters to provide a safe, affordable, carbon-neutral solution to the first- and last-mile problem. Our goal is to advance multimodal transportation. As we work to integrate with public transport networks and drive the shift away from unnecessary car trips, we also believe in giving people options, especially for longer journeys. Now, we’re pleased to introduce e-bikes to our micro-mobility suite.

Starting today, Voi has launched e-bike rental schemes in three of our U.K. e-scooter trial areas: Cambridge, Kettering, and Peterborough. (The operational zones in each location are the same for both e-bikes and e-scooters.) As demand grows, we also plan to introduce e-bikes to other cities and markets.

E-bikes have an electric motor that assists the rider with pedalling. This means that as you ride the bike around town to get to work, complete errands, or simply get a workout, you don’t need to pedal nearly as hard, especially when you’re going uphill. Our e-bikes also feature a nifty front basket, so you can more easily carry your shopping and belongings on the go.

voi e-bikes
Voi e-bikes can travel for 31 miles before they require re-charging.

Under U.K. regulation, Voi e-bikes cut power assistance when their speed reaches 15.5 mph, or when the rider stops pedalling. Voi e-bikes can travel for 31 miles before they require re-charging. We’ll ensure the bikes always remain powered up — batteries will be swapped out by the Voi teams overnight.

Where can you ride a Voi e-bike? Anywhere that you would ride a conventional bicycle: on roads, cycle paths, and local trails, for example. For the best advice, consult your local map in the Voi app, where you’ll find information about riding and parking zones. Voi e-bikes in the U.K. operate on a “free-floating” parking model, meaning that you can park them in any permitted area in the operational zone. (That said, please be aware that riding on pavement is prohibited, just as it is when you ride an e-scooter or conventional bicycle. Park your Voi e-bike neatly out of the way of pedestrians and other vehicles. Do not block doorways, driveways, walkways, traffic intersections, or gates.)

We’re happy to support even more carbon-neutral two-wheeled journeys, now by both e-bike and e-scooter!

This article was originally published by Voi.


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