Voi provides shared electric scooters for the big adventures or for the last few hundred meters. Shaping cities for people, reducing air and noise pollution, and breaking traffic gridlock across Europe.

  • 1ST European Scooter Operator – Born in Stockholm, raised across Europe.
  • 4 000 000+ Scooter troopers – Large European community of riders, using Voi in their daily commute or to explore new cities.
  • 500+ Employees – Growing together in a fast-paced environment without losing our core values.

We believe in cities free from congestion, noise and pollution. We believe in cities where citizens can freely move around on their terms. To accomplish this, we have taken the most advanced technology and made it accessible to everyone.

Everything we do, we do it with you in mind. Going from point A to point B in time, total silence and free from fossil fuels. So hop on. We’ll provide the keys and the fun so you can fully unlock your city. 
 Voi – cities made for living.

Shared Electric Scooters for Climate-Neutral Mobility

To support sustainable mobility mixes and help cities reduce transport related emissions we focus on two key objectives:

  • Offer a climate-neutral mobility service. Our service has been climate neutral since January 2020 and we work to continually reduce residual emissions.
  • Promote sustainable adoption and help reduce car trips. By designing our service to be inclusive, safe and accessible for all, we champion a transition away from car centric mobility towards green, resilient and multimodal transport.

As of January 2020, Voi’s service is climate-neutral in all our cities. Sustainability is paramount at Voi. It is part of our DNA. We have achieved climate-neutrality by focusing on three key steps:

  • Measuring emissions – Committed to accountability and transparency, we were the first e-scooter operator to conduct and publish a full Life Cycle Assessment of our service. The assessment was conducted independently by EY and maps out all emissions linked to delivering our service. Understanding how materials, production and end-of-life processes drive emissions helps target our emission reduction initiatives.
  • Reducing emissions – Our Climate Action Plan targets emission reduction initiatives focused on three key areas: 1) Extending vehicle lifespan – Production is the main driver of emissions. We invest in improved scooter vehicles and in training local repair teams so each vehicle and spare part can be used as long as possible. 2) Zero Emission Operations – Introducing swappable batteries led to a 95% drop in operational emissions. Drained batteries can now be swapped on the spot, using cargo bikes and evans. We prioritise renewable energy to power operations. 3) Circularity – We reuse spare parts and when a scooter is decommissioned, we give it a second life with Voi Resell and Voi x You. We partner to monitor battery health to extend their use and repurpose them for energy storage. We have set a zero waste target by 2022.
  • Offsetting emissions – Emissions we can not yet avoid and reduce through our core activities are offset, in order to reach climate neutrality. We offset residual emissions with our partner EcoAct. EcoAct co-authored city climate plans, including Paris’, and is a climate action and carbon neutrality expert. Voi offsets its emissions by investing in VCS car credits linked to wind energy projects.

But How Do We Replace Cars?

As our service matures and becomes an integral part of a mobility landscape, we stand a better chance of replacing car and taxi trips. We partner closely with public transport authorities and champion Mobility as a Sercice (MaaS) integrations to improve multimodality and make alternatives to cars attractive. Between 2019 and 2020 we saw a 20% increase in car replacement rates! Join the fight for sustainable cities by choosing sustainable modes over cars in your city.


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