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SkedGo was born out of the need to create smarter ways for people to travel. Our Mobility-as-a-Service technology allows public transit authorities, corporations and start-ups to create their own tailored MaaS applications without having to re-invent the wheel. Our technology is tried and tested and we constantly develop new, cutting edge features.

SkedGo’s intermodal routing engine is unparalleled and currently integrates over 4000 transport service providers globally. We offer many unique features, such as accessibility routing, occupancy information and personalisation options (tailored route prioritising low carbon, exercise, speed of trip, cost of trip or convenience).

Our tools are particularly useful for those clients wanting to promote active and environmentally friendly travel, as well as specific local transport modes and those looking for tailored MaaS and corporate mobility solutions.

We are an active member of the MaaS Alliance and believe that Mobility-as-a-Service is an efficient tool to reduce carbon, get communities moving and provide an attractive value-add for end users.

Mobility-as-a-Service – the Biggest Transport Revolution of the 21st Century

Cities are becoming ‘Smart Cities’ by giving their citizens smart tools and adding smart infrastructure. MaaS will change how consumers travel and use different types of transport. Mobility-as-a-Service approaches transport from a user-centric perspective.

The assumption is that MaaS will reduce the number of private cars, as alternative transport options become more integrated and fluid.

Currently, users plan, book and pay all transport options separately (public transit, car share, taxi, Uber etc.). Some TSP’s (transport service providers) allow for payment via smart cards, but even then most trips are treated separately and won’t include using car share, city bikes or Uber.

MaaS is a drastic paradigm shift in the transport space. Users won’t have to worry about topping up cards, buying tickets, paying for individual fares anymore. Suddenly getting from A to B becomes a more fluid, integrated experience. It will be a massive time saver and hopefully save money too.

Easy, Integrated Payments

‘Plan’ option: Users pay a monthly plan suited to their transport needs. For example, plans can be split into urban commuter, family, business and casual. They include all public transport options as well as taxi, rental car, car share etc, to cover everyone’s individual needs.

‘Pay on demand’ option: Users pay as they travel with the difference that they pay the whole trip in one go independent of transport means. So if you need to take the train, bus and then a taxi in one trip, it’s all one payment, made automatically via your smartphone.

It’s a bit like different mobile plans. Some users need loads of data. Some don’t but need lots of calls. Others don’t want a contract but pay as they go. That’s why mobile service providers offer a variety of plans and casual options. You get the idea.

How Can SkedGo’s Mobility-as-a-Service Technology Help?

SkedGo provides personalised trip planning, corporate mobility and other Mobility-as-a-Service technology – for start-ups, corporations and governments. Our senior developer team creates tailored solutions leveraging our unique API.

The result: organisations can rapidly create their own multi/mixed modal MaaS offering, including parking, book & pay features, events and itineraries as well as complete corporate mobility solutions.

TripGo API

All functionality to enable MaaS operators can be accessed through our TripGo API. We can even provide SDKs to speed up development of 3rd party apps. The system currently covers over 300 cities and some entire countries, with more being added constantly. So you can support users wherever they travel or move.

  • Mixed modal routing engine – It takes TSPs offerings via their APIs and through SkedGo’s world class mixed modal routing engine, provides trips using any one, or mix of private, public and commercial transports. For example drive to the station, park your car, take the train, and then use a taxi to your destination.
  • Personalise – The system also considers user’s preferences, allowing them to prioritise between saving time, money, carbon and transfers as well as their particular circumstances for each trip. We also offer accessibility features, such as wheelchair-friendly routing and different walking speed settings.

White Label

SkedGo offers flexible white label solutions in the routing and trip planning space.

We currently provide white label services for a major Australian Telco, offering a trip-planning app customised to their staff’s needs. Another of our clients is a large multi-national cooperation. They use our services to provide city specific trip-planning apps in the United States, in collaboration with local councils.

We also recently created our own white label: RioGo, which is a spin off of our TripGo app. RioGo won an international award and is one of the official trip and event planning apps of the City of Rio de Janeiro the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Our senior development team offers tailored solutions leveraging our unique API. The result: organisations can seamlessly and rapidly integrate mixed/multi model transport services, parking, book & pay features, events and itineraries.

TripGo – Free City Transit Planning & Booking App

Plan your trips with any combination of transport modes, in real-time. The only app that lets you compare and even combine any transport mode like train, bus, taxi, subway, metro, cab, tram, your own or share car & bike, motorcycle or ride share.

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