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At Jaunt Air Mobility we are building the very best in the next generation of aircraft to meet the growing demands for faster travel times over urban and regional areas. Our all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft is designed with proven performance and safety while reducing carbon emissions. In today’s busy world, time matters.

Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Improving global transportation, increasing productivity and improving quality of life. AAM markets will provide a new mode of transportation, making it possible to travel over 70 miles in the air, in 25 mins or less. Designed by experts in aviation, the Jaunt Journey combines the performance of an airplane with the vertical take-off and landing efficiency of a helicopter.

Jaunt Journey Air Taxi

  • All-electric power
  • 80 mile range
  • 980lbs payload
  • 175mph speed
  • 100 times quieter than helicopters

ROSA™ (Reduced rotor Operating Speed Aircraft) technology – performs as an airplane with the efficiency of taking-off and landing like a helicopter. As an all-electric aircraft, it produces zero carbon emissions.

Safe Landing under Total Propulsion Loss

5 square miles of landing area from 1,000 ft. altitude.

  • The aircraft can autorotate or glide to a landing from any altitude or speed.
  • Normal flight control of the aircraft during the descent and landing.
  • Safe, controlled landing at any time along the entire flight profile.
  • Uniquely patented safety feature.

The ROSA™ Advantage

Jaunt Air Mobility’s can meet a variety of market needs including air taxi, medivac, package delivery, and military applications. The ROSATM technology provides a number of distinct advantages. The combination of an electric motor with a large main rotor and the absence of a tail rotor offer an ultra-quiet aircraft on the ground as well as in the cabin. The patented tilting mast allows for LevelFlyTM at all times; providing a smooth, comfortable ride as well as indiscriminate passenger and package loading. The Jaunt demonstrators have proven efficient aviation performance with over 350 hours of flight time and more than 1000+ take-off and landings.

Integrating Advanced Air Mobility

Considering how to integrate advanced air mobility (AAM) into your transportation sector?

The real question is determining your market(s) needs. Jaunt Air Mobility understands the eco-system requirements from concept to operations. The first step is to evaluate the operational viability – understanding the supply and demand for air taxi passenger services and package delivery as well as intermodal connectivity.

Global Market

Numerous studies by organizations such as Roland Berger, Porsche Consulting, Deloitte and others, confirm this new age of transportation and the enormous market potential. It is estimated that the US market will reach $5.7 billion by 2030. The market will require 1500 aircraft by 2025 and is expected to reach well over 15,000 by 2030. A main contributor to the global expansion is Uber Elevate whose vision is to make aerial ridesharing a reality. Jaunt Air Mobility was named an Uber Elevate partner in 2019, just two months after the company was formed.


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