Charge Scheduling Is Now Available in the Pod Point App

You can now schedule your Solo Smart Home Charger to charge at specific times using the Pod Point App. This will let you take advantage of dual-rate electricity tariffs designed for EV drivers, which can help significantly reduce the cost of charging.

You could save up to 70% on electricity costs by scheduling your EV to charge during off-peak hours. This is based on an average electricity tariff of 15p/kWh compared with EDF’s GoElectric 35 tariff which offers a rate of 4.5p/kWh during off-peak hours – Britain’s lowest off-peak rate for cheaper overnight charging.

Note: Charge Scheduling is available to most Pod Point customers but there are a few exceptions (for example, if your Solo can’t connect to Wi-Fi) – see below for more info.


Until now, it has only been possible to schedule charges on your Solo Smart Home Charger using the car’s own system (either within the car, or via its app).

However, there are a handful of cars on the market that don’t have a scheduling feature, and others that only allow you to set a start time, but not an end time.

To make sure all Pod Point customers can schedule their charge to start and stop when they choose, we have launched Charge Scheduling in the Pod Point App.

By setting a time window for your car to charge in, you can take advantage of dual-rate “Time of Use” EV tariffs (such as EDF’s GoElectric 35) charging exclusively when electricity is cheapest (and/or greenest).

pod point charge scheduling
Charge Scheduling is available to all new and most existing Pod Point customers.

How Charge Scheduling works

The Charge Scheduling feature has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. You can:

  • Remotely schedule a charging session in the app
  • Create a weekly charging schedule to suit your driving needs.
  • Schedule your charging during off-peak hours with a dual-rate EV electricity tariff.

Watch the video here.

For step-by-step instructions on how to get started, check out the Pod Point App Guide.

This article was originally published by Pod Point.


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