Brightside has released a study entitled, ‘How Long Do E-Scooters Last?‘ evaluating the lifespan of shared electric micromobility vehicles.

The report uses data from micromobility operator, Voi to assess the average lifespan of its e-scooters.

Voi Launches Voiager 5 e-Scooter
Voi’s latest model, the Voiager 5

Despite the fact that shared electric micromobility is an effective mean of first and last-mile urban transport, the sustainability benefits of e-scooters have been questioned due to early reports about short vehicle lifespan.

However, unlike most modes of transport, there is currently no standard methodology for assessing an e-scooter’s average lifespan through a life-cycle assessment (LCA).

‘How Long Do E-Scooters Last?’ proposes a solution for calculating the lifespan of shared electric micromobility. The proposed methodology uses real-world data to model a fleet survival curve and determine the average vehicle lifespan.

The report estimates that Voi’s Voiager 4 e-scooter has a lifespan of 4.6 years (6,529 kilometres) for the frame and 3.7 years (103.4kWh) for each battery.

This is about 5 times longer than the vehicle models used when Voi launched in 2018. In addition, the Voiager 5, which Voi launched in March 2022 has an estimated lifespan of 5 years, due to improvements in design and proactive maintenance.

Indeed, the analysis finds that longer lifespans are directly related to improvements in vehicle design, such as an increased neck diameter and the use of modular parts.

Other factors include proactive maintenance practices and the addition of GPS technology to improve vehicle retention.

Melinda Hanson, Principal at Brightside, said:

This analysis shows that Voi has significantly extended its vehicle lifespan, which is essential for environmental sustainability and for operating a profitable business. I commend Voi for supporting this research and adopting a more transparent approach to data collection and reporting, and hope it will inspire other operators to follow suit.

The average car has a lifespan of 12 years and uses 170 times the amount of materials (by weight).


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