Micromobility operator, Bolt is implementing Drover AI’s PathPilot product to combat e-scooter riding on pedestrian pavements across Europe.

Bolt will test PathPilot in Oslo from the beginning of 2023.

This makes Bolt the latest e-scooter operator to work with Drover AI, following the start of the company’s collaborations with Voi and Beam earlier this year.

Bolt Drover
The Bolt 5 e-scooter
Dmitri Pivovarov, VP for Rentals at Bolt said;

We plan and develop our operations and hardware with focus on safety. We develop our in-house tech solutions to prevent the most frequent causes of scooter accidents. Additionally, we partner with companies like Drover to make sure our operations meet the requirements of cities by efficiently tracking and preventing scooter sidewalk riding where it’s not permitted.

Drover’s PathPilot is an IoT (Internet of Things) module that continually assesses video feed using its camera and AI system to detect if a scooter is being ridden on a pavement, street or bike lane.

If pavement riding is detected, the device notifies the rider with a sound cue. It can also automatically control the vehicle’s speed in response to where it is being ridden.

The data delivered can also provide operators with insights into micromobility uses and behaviours.

In real-world tests conducted by Bolt, PathPilot had a 95 percent or greater accuracy in differentiating between pavements, bike lanes and roadways.

Alex Nesic, Drover’s Co-founder and Chief Business Officer said:

Drover is thrilled to be able to support Bolt with our industry-leading technology in their continued efforts to deliver a comprehensive solution to rider and pedestrian safety. We continue to see increased demand from European cities for safer and more responsible deployment of shared micromobility, and policy makers understand that Drover technology is uniquely positioned to help them proactively manage deployments and greatly mitigate the negative outcomes for all stakeholders.

PathPilot is the latest technology deployed by Bolt to improve micromobility safety. Other initiatives include a cognitive reaction test which checks whether a person is intoxicated, as well as a tandem riding prevention system.

These measures correlate with a reduction in Bolt scooter injuries of 26 percent and crashes of 12 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year, while the number of rides increased by 400 percent during the same period.


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