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We live in the age of mobility, goods and people travel all over the world and we are all connected by a global system of airways, sea routes, and highways.

Every day buses and trucks carry millions of people and tons of goods thus broadening our views and enhancing our lives. Mobility thrives when we create better highways and better and more dedicated vehicles but mobility is not only about better highways and better vehicles. It is also about maintenance about taking care of our vehicles in a setting that is both safe and efficient, that’s where Stertil-Koni comes in.

Stertil-Koni is one of the world’s leading producers of state-of-the-art heavy-duty vehicle lifts. We provide customised and technically advanced lifting solutions for all kinds of commercial vehicles which are user-friendly, environmentally sound and virtually indestructible. Stertil-Koni heavy-duty lifts are designed to even exceed the highest of standards.

For all of us the environment is an issue of growing concern, at Stertil-Koni we are well aware of that and that’s why we developed the EARTHLIFT, setting the green standard in the heavy-duty lifting industry. What makes this mobile column so eco-friendly? First of all many of the components of the lifting column are recyclable, the batteries are even recyclable and for the closed hydraulic system, only a small amount of biodegradable oil is used. The most spectacular feature comes from the Active Energy Retrieval System it’s as simple as it is brilliant. When the raised vehicle comes down again the gravitational energy is captured for later use, this means you can achieve up to 50 lifting cycles without charging you get optimum productivity in the workshop, no more expensive downtime because of battery charging.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art ebright smart control system the EARTHLIFT is very intuitive, the full colour touch screen provides all relevant use and safety information on the lifting process and it enables you to easily adjust the up and down speed, for very precise lifting and lowering. Using the ID key the ebright is own-user configurable, the unique synchronisation ensures a safe and smooth lifting procedure even when the vehicle is unevenly loaded. Above all the EARTHLIFT is a flexible solution to suit all your lifting needs, up to 32 separate columns can be connected into a single configuration.

The overall lifting capacity can thus be expanded as required and fits virtually every vehicle. The EARTHLIFT works fully wireless, this makes for a quick and simple installation but also it gives the mechanic maximum access to the vehicle with no risk of tripping over cables.

Environmentally friendly, safe, flexible, convenient, and easy to use, that’s the EARTHLIFT of Stertil-Koni. We lift any fleet.

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