If we want to make the switch to electric vehicles how will we power 1.4 billion EVs? By turning our roads into charging assets, allowing buses, trucks, cars, taxis, and vans to charge wirelessly as they drive.

Electreon’s Technology

Transportation is responsible for a quarter of fossil fuel emissions. The switch to EVs is helping combat these emissions but building one plug-in charger for every EV is not sustainable.

Wireless charging for EVs is a solution that is now commercially available. Built with EV fleets in mind, who have even bigger barriers to overcome when switching to electric, Electreon’s technology allows multiple EVs to charge simultaneously, whilst parked, driving, or moving slowly.

With charging facilities built into the road, drivers are free from range anxiety, can enjoy unlimited range, and can operate EVs on even smaller batteries, saving on battery-related costs.

There is no plug-in hardware and all the technology is hidden out of sight; buried underground, freeing up space in commercial facilities, bus depots, and along pedestrian sidewalks that would otherwise be lost to plug-in charging facilities.

How It Works

Deployed under the road, safe for drivers, pedestrians and wildlife, this new technology enables all EVs (that are fitted with a special Authorized Receiver) to charge seamlessly as they drive, idle, or park over the Electric Road System (ERS).

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