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What if we told you, that you can get from the city centre to the airport in a matter of minutes? No traffic jams or detours, just a breathtaking view to enjoy. This is how you will experience your city soon: from above. With the start of commercial flights in 2022, Volocopter, the pioneer of Urban Air Mobility is poised to make flying an integral part of urban life, of your life. Our certified VoloCity passenger air taxis transport you quietly, safely, emissions free and faster to your destination than any other means of urban of transport.

Urban Evolution: Mobility on a New Level

For the first time in history, more people live in cities than in the countryside. Residential buildings have long been growing into the sky. Only transport has remained on the ground – until now. As cities reach their capacity limits, future mobility must take a new direction: upwards. Our VoloCity air taxis pave the way into a new era of mobility. The evolution has begun.

Sustainable from Booking to Landing: An Eco-system

Just flying is not enough for us. We are designing the entire customer journey from A to Z – seamlessly and sustainably. An important part of our vision is to develop a holistic Urban Air Mobility ecosystem by organizing every step from booking to landing. Our VoloPorts connect important urban hubs and the Volocopter App users can easily book and track their flights. With us, cities will transform their mobility concept in an economical and sustainable way and passengers will get to experience the mobility of the future, first hand.

Feel Good Take Off

After more than 1000 test flights and almost ten years of experience we can proudly say that our VoloCity is one of the furthest developed and safest air taxis in the world. We are already living mobility of the future and are working with partners who are leaders in their industry. Along with Fraport AG, operator of Frankfurt Airport, and the German Air Traffic Control (DFS), Volocopter is working on how to integrate flight taxis into the day-to-day operations of international airports, including ground and passenger safety.

Volocopter App

Your first encounter with us will already give you a sense of ease. Wherever you want to go, simply book your VoloCity via App. At inner-city VoloPorts you can board an air taxi every couple of minutes. We will take you comfortably to your destination – emission and traffic free.


  • Time-saving – Fast, safe, and direct travel – a Volocopter is not slowed down by traffic congestion or detours.
  • Safe – The Volocopter complies with the strictest international safety standards.
  • Quiet – A Volocopter is 4 times quieter than a small helicopter.
  • On demand – Take-off on demand: The Volocopter can be easily booked to the nearest VoloPort via smartphone if required.
  • Efficient – Volocopter operations do not have high maintenance requirements or operation costs.
  • Sustainable – Our flight taxis fly electrically and are emission free.

Our Vision

We aim to become the leading Urban Air Mobility service provider worldwide. With our innovative technology, products, and services we will support cities in sustainably transforming their mobility concepts. Volocopter saves time, is extremely safe, emission-free, and quiet. At Volocopter we are developing the complete ecosystem including aircraft, take-off and landing infrastructure, and integration into air traffic management systems. We bring Urban Air Mobility to life.

VoloCity – the Superior Air Taxi for the Inner City

The VoloCity will become the first commercially licensed Volocopter, developed according to the high standards and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Our intensive testing programme has shaped the innovative design and outstanding overall performance of the VoloCity. Quiet, safe, and comfortable, the VoloCity engenders Urban Air Mobility.

VoloPort – Urban Air Mobility as an Ecosystem

The integration of flexible take-off and landing infrastructure in megacities is crucial for the success of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and for air taxi operations. In order to advance the development of this infrastructure, we have been working with Skyports, a British vertiport developer and operator, since 2019. Together we developed the VoloPort, which we will show for the first time publicly in Singapore. The transparent design and high-quality interior of the VoloPort along with the simple booking option by app will provide a seamless and comfortable travel experience to our future passengers.

VoloDrone – the Sustainable Heavy-Lift Drone for Various Industries

Sharing strong synergies with the existing Volocopter platform, the VoloDrone presents an unmanned, fully electric utility drone, capable of carrying an unprecedented payload. The VoloDrone has been designed and engineered to serve challenging missions across diverse industries, adding the third dimension to sustainable transport.

VoloIQ – For Air Operations Excellence

Volocopter is cooperating with Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Together we are building Volocopter’s proprietary intelligent and integrated “Urban Air Mobility Software Platform” that will run on Microsoft Azure: VoloIQ. It offers complete digital visibility of the complex UAM ecosystem in real-time. VoloIQ is the digital backbone for enabling the whole Volocopter Urban Air Mobility Services ecosystem and serves as the brain for our air taxi services.


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