Transmission, Charging and Grounding for Mobility on Rail and Road

Schunk Transit Systems is one of the world’s leading suppliers in the field of reliable power transmission technologies – from rail transport to efficient charging of electric buses. Our products and system solutions set new international standards and push the boundaries of what is possible time and again, benefit from our decades of experience and use our know-how as a development partner.

On the Road: Schunk Smart Charging for Electric Buses

With the innovative Schunk Smart Charging system, you can economically bring e-mobility to the road. As a manufacturer of charging systems for electric buses, we enable reliable charging of the batteries of electric buses and electric industrial vehicles on the line or in the depot within seconds. The extremely short charging times and the associated high range open up completely new possibilities for you in terms of efficiency, performance and flexibility.

Trust Schunk Transit Systems as experts in the field of conductive, fully automatic recharging of e-buses. The extremely flexible system can be customized and optimally integrated both in a completely new charging infrastructure and in interaction with existing solutions.

In the World: Size Brings Advantages

As a supplier of power transmission systems for the rail and bus industry, Schunk Transit Systems is part of the Schunk Group and maintains locations on all continents. Thanks in part to our production sites in China, India, North America and numerous European countries, our customers always benefit from the shortest possible distances and response times. Schunk is a global leader in the development, production and application of carbon, ceramic, quartz and sintered metal solutions. Like no other, Schunk combines innovative strength and technological know-how with exceptional service orientation to provide a range of services that is unique in the market.

Roof Mounted Pantograph

The Schunk SLS102 and SLS103 roof mounted pantographs both employ the 4 pole connection sequence to assure safety of connection. (DC+ / DC- / PE / CP) for the 1000A charging capability.

A high operating range of 2.2m with contact tolerance allows for bus kneeling and varied parking positions.

The spring force operated automated deployment delivers a raising and lowering time of 10s/5s in a cost effective common solution for both depot and opportunity charging.

The SLS103 is an articulated compact pantograph, developed to fit in a reduced roof space and lower mounting height under 400mm.

Inverted Pantograph and Depot Charger

Mounted in overhead masts or charging gantry, the inverted, top down SLS201 is operated remotely from the vehicle.

A 2.2m operating range enables both conventional height and double decker buses to be charged in the same position.

Vehicles can be charged in compact parking with no cables. Synchronised and sequenced charging can be delivered from the charging station to numerous vehicles parked overnight.

The ETL and BAA certified SLS301 overhead 600A charging pantograph is the first step towards autonomous depot charging.

Interface to vehicles is achieved with charging rails, or a contact dome fitted to the roof.

HPC Roof Mounted Rail

Vehicles with low roof profiles can be fitted with the 1000A HPC charging rails.

Heat is dissipated over the large surface area of the rail. A 24V heating system is available. HPC slotted rails can accommodate multiple cable connections for ease of installation and routing of cabling.

Smart Charging Technology for Public Transport

Battery-powered buses and other vehicles will increase in number as more municipalities ban diesel engines in favour of zero-emission.

The innovative Schunk Smart Charging system is key to integrating this into everyday operations by optimizing the vehicles range and charging times.

With its smart charging solutions, Schunk is defining new standards in the market segment for conductive, fully automatic recharging of electric buses.

Innovative roof-mounted and inverted “top down” mast mounted pantographs deliver reliable battery charging during a journey or at a depot within seconds. Used in 25 countries, our charging technologies deliver reliable charging worldwide, from Winnipeg to Barcelona, Helsinki and London, electric bus manufacturers choose Schunk’s current collectors.

Opportunity Charging – Intelligent E-Bus Charging System

Opportunity Charging refers to short transfer of charge at strategically installed fast charging facilities.

Using either a roof mounted pantograph on the vehicle, or an inverted pantograph mounted in a charging mast.

Communication between the vehicle and charger initiates pulse charging while waiting at stops with automatic tolerance compensation for parking position.

This charging process provides an advantage for the long range bus, reducing the size, weight and cost of batteries.

Schunk’s latest automatic charging device allows fast and efficient docking of vehicles of different heights in depot. Overnight charging in the depot reduces the amount of energy required. The devices can be made simpler, lighter, more compact and economical.

Automated Electric Bus Depot Charging

Vehicles parked under the overhead charging system use automatic signalling to start a charging connection. No additional personnel are required.

The charging current is supplied from the top down equipment via a contact strip counterpart installed on the vehicle roof.

Buses parked closer together, in smaller parking areas can benefit from an efficient overnight charging alternative to plug-in chargers.

The systems have a service life of ten to fifteen years, significantly more durable than plug-in solutions.

The pantograph (Depot Charger SLS301) can be used for low current, slower overnight charging cycles making the devices smaller and simpler.

We Put You in the Fast Lane

Our Engineers brought their core competencies to bear early in the development of new e-mobility solutions.

Now you can benefit from our advantage. We cover an entire range of components for fast charging systems for multiple vehicle types.

We call this Schunk Smart Charging – our unique portfolio of charging solutions that can be tailored and individually optimally integrated into your e-bus infrastructure.

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