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Oxbotica enables vehicle autonomy by engineering the software that drives them, with total freedom from external infrastructure dependency. Our software brings autonomy to all vehicles, in all places at all times.

Oxbotica’s Autonomy Platform Provides Software To Bring Autonomy To Any Industry

We provide a full suite of Universal Autonomy software that is fully modular, has low compute power requirements and uses best in class laser vision and radar for localisation and perception for redundancy and safety purposes. Our suite is also self contained, requiring no external infrastructure or third party maps, works in fully GPS denied environments and is fully integrated with a cloud management service.

Use Cases

  • Automotive – Universal Autonomy means anywhere, any vehicle. So from shuttles to robotaxis, from villages to cities, our technology provides peerless performance, flexibility with zero dependency on external HD maps or GPS. All while being entirely hardware agnostic. Our business is designed to accelerate your autonomy strategy by providing extraordinary proven autonomy software.
  • Logistics – Logistics will be transformed by autonomy from warehouse to customer, Universal Autonomy offers a vision for a future model. Our business enables you to maximise the usage of your vehicles, the flexibility of our software brings autonomy to places it has not been possible to before, providing driver-free transportation in all places. Coupled with fleet orchestration we bring the transformational benefits of autonomy to existing business models as well as driving revolutionary change to the Logistics Industry.
  • Shuttle – Autonomous shuttles represent a new exciting and massive sector in city and urban mobility. Our business is designed to accelerate the creation of this business opportunity by providing the software that makes the vehicle autonomous, provides fleet management and all the required tools to install, operate and manage risk and insurance. This allows your business to access the opportunity in new disruptive transportation models in cities around the world.
  • Port – Port automation is a classic use case for modern autonomy. We offer a route to a transformation in the way ports operate, from fleet management down to individual vehicle operation, using vision radar and lidar we offer unparalleled options for increased throughput, and operational freedom. Independence from fixed infrastructure, no reliance on GPS and a rich set of operational and management tools brings new vistas to the economics of ports.
  • Airport – Airports, defined by the movement of people and goods by a vast variety of vehicle types , are a canonical example of the reason we provide a Universal Autonomy solution. Suitable for all vehicle types, designed for all weathers, supported by cloud based management and co-ordination tools, our software offers a pathway to a revolution in the operation of airports around the world. Driverless and co-ordinated vehicles bring unparalleled opportunity for redefining how airports run.


Selenium is Oxbotica’s flagship product: a full stack autonomy system, the product of over 500 person-years of effort. An on-vehicle suite of software which given a drive-by-wire interface and very modest compute hardware, brings full autonomy to a land-based vehicle.

Selenium has the ability to transform any suitable vehicle platform into an autonomous vehicle, both at prototype volume and at scale. It is a collection of interoperable software modules that allow the vehicle to answer three key questions: Where am I? What’s around me? What do I do next?

Selenium spans the technological spectrum, from low-level device drivers, through calibration, 4-modal localisation, mapping, perception, machine learning and planning, and its remarkable vertical integration even covers user interface and data export systems.

Selenium operates without any dependence on bespoke infrastructure.
It does not even need GPS or HD-Maps (although this can still be utilised, if available). As a result, the system can be tailored to work in any environment, indoors or outdoors, on a large scale.

Selenium is not dependent on any single sensor modality (it leverages independence and redundancy in sensing ) and because it makes no assumptions about a vehicle’s working environment, it is able to operate in a vast range of settings, on any vehicle platform, under any conditions. It can use radar, laser or vision sensing and as these technologies evolve, offers unparalleled opportunities for future development.

Selenium is more than just a collection of smart autonomy algorithms. The system also offers associated documentation, open API’s and tooling for data logging, indexing and search, V2V communication, diagnostics, review forensics, health monitoring and analytics.  These are also all available as stand-alone tools.

Selenium offers an outstanding degree of flexibility. It’s a modular software stack that is sensor and platform agnostic and can be deployed as a complete system or integrated as component parts into a third party stack.


Caesium is our in-cloud fleet and data management platform. Binding seamlessly with Selenium, Caesium enables vehicles to operate as a coordinated fleet, providing the interface that allows a user to access, exploit and control autonomy.

Caesium provides the capability to coordinate a fleet of vehicles, manage data collection, query log files, and remotely trigger specific data collection. It connects all vehicles for data sharing and fleet management, and increases fleet intelligence via clever data fusion across multiple vehicles.

Caesium is tremendously flexible suite of micro services designed to allow clients to interface with autonomous vehicles in a myriad of ways.

We have designed the Caesium suite of software to ensure customers and partners have unprecedented control of their on-board and off-board AV fleet systems. It allows our partners and customers to be complete masters of their industry domain, ensuring flexibility and customisation.

  • Control room monitoring of a fleet
  • Flexible, demand-driven routing
  • Map creation and continual mapping updates via Selenium (if installed), shared from machine to machine within Caesium
  • Route rehearsal, validation and simulation through scenario generation simulator
  • Interfacing to schedulers to enable overall optimal performance and SLA attainment (3rd party functionality)
  • Demand management and load balancing to ensure consistent availability either across the route, or at time-specific hot-spots
  • Real time event reporting and state visualisation
  • Forensic review via logging functionality
  • Intelligent logging and data management via programmable and configurable triggers


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