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Oonee – Smarter Parking for Bikes and Scooters

Unlike today’s conventional bike storage solutions, Oonee’s bike parking solution is designed to enhance spaces – not hide in them.

Our journey started when founder Shabazz Stuart had his third bicycle stolen in a five-year period. He realized that secure parking for bicycles was critical for convenient and reliable mobility in cities. Despite this obvious need, and the growing number of cyclists on the street, there was no solution available for smart, attractive, secure bike parking structures.

After more than a year of meeting with urban planners, cyclists, transportation advocates, public space managers, and real estate developers, it became clear that any impactful solution would require a completely new, fresh approach.

Shabazz and co-founder J. Manuel Mansylla realized the need for a kind of nimble streetscape infrastructure that could provide parking options for bikes & scooters, but also would be capable of enhancing the surrounding public space environment.

Thus Oonee was borne. Each customizable pod features bike parking on the inside and public space amenities on the exterior. For sponsors and institutions, the easy-to-install pods offer an unlimited array of branding opportunities. For cyclists, Oonee offers affordable, secure bike parking, and finally, a solution that works.

Oonee Is…

A smart, modular, customizable pod that provides secure parking for scooters and bicycles as well as public space amenities.

Just like the sea urchin from which its name derives, Oonee is equipped with safety features to protect its valuable interior cargo, and comes in different colors and sizes to adapt to varied environments.


Assembled from a kit of more than 150 parts, Oonee’s design takes customization to the next level. Each pod can be configured to different shapes, colours and sizes.

A small crew can assemble Oonee in less than a day. No flatbed truck is needed, nor does the Pod require anchoring to the ground.

Oonee utilizes jersey barrier technology to make it completely free-standing.


Oonee comes paired with smart features that make using it easy and inuitive. Pods can be modified  or moved after installation to accommodate the evolving needs of almost any public space.

Interior and exterior video surveillance allows properly owners to check in on Oonee snd the surrounding streetscape conditions.

Oonee’s easy-to-use access control system allows users to sign up to park bikes or store other items inside. Propery managers can use the system to provide access to certain users or temporarily close the pod for special events or circumstances.

Oonee provides helpful data on the surrounding environment, including pedestrian and vehicular counts, and information about noise and weather conditions.


Oonee is crafted not only to raise the profile of the surrounding environment, but also to provide ways for visitors to relax and socialise.

Oonee is designed to enhance public spaces, not hide in them. The durable, industrial design is composed of lightweight aluminium and is available in a variety of finishes that can seamlessly integrate with existing street furniture schemes.

Oonee can be customized with vibrant placemaking features that range from benches and wayfinding to a green rood and additional lighting elements. Modules can be swapped out for different seasons or events.

Each Oonee comes with built-in lighting strips that provide interior and exterior illumination. These soft white lights infuse public spaces with an additional ambient glow.


Oonee opens doors to a wide range of convenient essentials beyond secure parking for bikes.

Use the Oonee app to order parts and accessories from local providers. Once ordered, schedule a time for them to be installed at a nearby shop while the bike is parked in a Pod.

The Oonee app makes it easy to get bikes repaired while docked in a Pod. Just log-in and select from a range of services or tell us what’s wrong, and we’ll connect you to local bike shops for repairs.

Each Oonee membership comes with automatic bicycle registration and proof of ownership. Members have the option of purchasing insurance packages that can provide protection in case of accidents, breakdown or theft.


Oonee provides the perfect marketing opportunity for any sponsor to create dynamic, evolving campaigns through large, backlit art panels and a surface specially designed to be compatible with most advertising wraps and allowing graphics to be seamlessly swapped.

Each Oonee comes with prominent display panels that can host vinyl graphics or other media. The displays can be customized by color and material.

Oonees aluminum base panel foundation can be wrapped in graphics or painted.

The distinctive crown can be wrapped in vinyl in order to display a number of vibrant color patterns, messages, and other visuals.

Door panels can be configured with perforated aluminum metal sheets, solid aluminum panels, or a mixture of both. Perforated sheets provide for greater lights and visibility to the interior and can be powder coated, while solid sheets can be wrapped in vinyl graphics.

Expandable and Dynamic

Each Pod is designed to be expandable in both directions, easily going from 12 bikes to many dozens.


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Oonee Images

Oonee | Mini

Oonee Mini

Oonee | Journal Square

Oonee | Journal Square

Oonee | At Night

Designed to enhance spaces

Oonee | Atlantic Terminal

Atlantic Terminal installation

Oonee | Interior

Oonee interior

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