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NEXCOM – Your Top Choice of Mobile Computer

To usher in the public transit service reinvigoration, NEXCOM is propelling the proliferation of in-vehicle telematics with rugged mobile computing solutions to help the carriers exploit data goldmines to confront challenges in daily efficiency and safety, and to drive continuous operational improvement. NEXCOM Mobile Computing Solutions (MCS) Business Unit provides the richest product lines for on-board edge devices include AI edge telematics series, in-vehicle computer, railway computer, vehicle mount computer (all-in-one panel PC), and monitors to fulfill time-to-market transport projects and support solution providers mainly in public transit bus & rail, first response, and material handling applications.

The in-vehicle computers (VTC family), in delivering a wide range of computing platforms, optional communication modules, complex telematics purposes and abundant storage suitable for driver’s operational display, data gateway, surveillance and passenger infotainment applications. Furthermore, NEXCOM introduces edge server processing and AI capabilities (ATC family) aimed at autonomous driving and ADAS field.

Data Gateway, Communication Hub (Wi-Fi Router) and Media Center:

NEXCOM’s series of in-vehicle and railway computers used as a data gateway, featured multi adaptable expansion slots for cellular connectivity and alternative options. Each module’s network redundancy allows you to swap operators in case one signal is weak, in instances such as traveling through tunnels and crossing borders, thereby maintaining seamless connectivity and saving potential roaming costs. This even allows you to concurrently join independent WWAN networks so that you can multitask anywhere and anytime, worry-free.

Whilst used as a mobile communication hub, the models are able to offer plenty of WWAN modules and from two to ten SIM card slots, thus providing extra bandwidth while allowing signal connection mobile flexibility. You can also employ two slots as private and public WLAN AP modules and turn into Wi-Fi router applications. The private WLAN not only securely protects against data breaches but can likewise connect IP cameras to the cloud for data transfer to a centralized monitoring center, while the public WLAN allows passengers on public vehicles to easily access the Internet via Wi-Fi.

In terms of multimedia entertainment, passengers benefitted tremendously from network connectivity: passengers are able to view infotainment and enjoy video streaming services on seatback screens and handheld devices. The operator could even remotely manage content from the cloud and perform back-end big data analysis on customer preferences, allowing them to refresh and push more relevant content. Moreover, up to four SATA SSDs were also accessible for media storage.

In-Vehicle and Railway Surveillance

NEXCOM introduces the fundamental solution to public safety, a rugged mobile computer specifically designed to connect with IP surveillance cameras for monitoring purposes. To provide hardware connectivity with its two and up to eight 802.3af/at PoE ports, which easily carry power and data for devices such as surveillance cameras. It also assists with centralized fleet management via cloud, GPS, and Wi-Fi. By selected models from the storage capacity up to 2~4 accessible 2.5” SSD to restore video clips from IP surveillance cameras and utilize the mSATA for OS and VMS software, and an extra SD memory card similarly serve as backup for video clips and import/export configurations.

ADAS and Autonomous Drive

For users in the transportation industry who want to unleash the power of AI in their computing systems, NEXCOM’s Mobile Computing Solutions brings you the choices of HAILO, Google Coral, NVIDIA Jetsons Family, and NVIDIA GPU to enhance transportation computing solutions via mini-PCIe, MXM, and PCIe form factors expansion slots to match the spectrum of computing needs, these industrial AI edge computers are best suited for inference purposes, allowing operations to become safer and more efficient while using the most up-to-date AI edge technology.

For instance, safety is one of the most crucial concerns for both passengers and drivers in implementing said technology. AI propels advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) through safety features, such as blind spot monitoring and emergency braking. Machine vision is also accelerating the development of fully autonomous vehicles through signal recognition and object and lane detection technology, whereas obstacle and intrusion detection, traffic light management, and traffic sign recognition all assist public transit with safely transporting passengers.

NEXCOM is a Titanium member of the Intel® Partner Alliance, as a top tier of the Alliance. Intel and more than 500 global IoT partners of the Intel® Partner Alliance provide scalable, interoperable Intel® -based technologies and solutions that accelerate deployment of intelligent devices and end-to-end analytics. Close collaboration with Intel and each other enables Alliance members to innovate with the latest technologies, helping developers deliver first in-market solutions.

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In-Vehicle Telematics Computer VTC 7260-xC4 Leads the Way

In-Vehicle Telematics Computer VTC 7260-xC4 Leads the Way

NEXCOM’s in-vehicle AI-aided telematics computer, VTC 7260-xC4, is used as the core of vehicles to help deploy a wide range of applications.

Compact PCs Pave Way for Vehicle and Railway Applications

Compact PCs Pave Way for Vehicle and Railway Applications

NEXCOM introduces the VTC 1031 and nROK 1031, its compact mid-range vehicle and railway PCs, helping to fulfil commuters' busy lifestyles.

New from NEXCOM: VTC 7260-xC4

New from NEXCOM: VTC 7260-xC4

The new VTC 7260-xC4 from NEXCOM is an in-vehicle Ai-aided telematics computer designed with Intel 11th Gen.

New from NEXCOM: VTC 7260-x

New from NEXCOM: VTC 7260-x

The new VTC 7260-x from NEXCOM is a fanless in-vehicle AI-aided telematics computer designed with Intel 11th Gen.

VTC 1030 and nROK 1030 Fanless Box PCs for Vehicle Fleets

VTC 1030 and nROK 1030 Fanless Box PCs for Vehicle Fleets

The VTC 1030 and nROK 1030 provide a complete solution for fully-connected vehicles, leveraging IoT technologies in day-to-day operations.

The Fanless In-Vehicle Computer VTC 210 for Smart Traffic

The Fanless In-Vehicle Computer VTC 210 for Smart Traffic

NEXCOM's highly dependable VTC 210 fanless in-vehicle computer has been shaped to maximise passenger and operator travelling experience.

ATC 3200: AI Solution for Advanced Traffic Management Systems

ATC 3200: AI Solution for Advanced Traffic Management Systems

NEXCOM introducing the ATC 3200, a compact, AI-enabled gateway suitable for both in-vehicle and stationary applications.

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