Electric Road System

Elonroad is a hightech electric road concept. It auto charges all types of electric vehicles when parked as well as when driving. Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries.

Our vision is to electrify the entire transport sector and make fossil fuel a thing of the past. With clean energy from the sun, wind and sea in an emerging charging infrastructure that is accessible for everyone, and with gradually more and more self-driving vehicles shared in an smart way, drastically reduced CO2 emissions will follow.

Elonroad involves a conductive rail laid on top of the road. A conductive pic up under the vehicle connects to the electric rail via sliding contacts. The rail is only active when covered by the vehicle, which makes it safe in city environment.

  • Placed on the Asphalt – Elonroad is easy to install with only little effect on the asphalt. This reduces installation time and facilitates service and maintenance.
  • Safety – Its unique design admits short rail segments to be powered separately . This leads to a safe electric environment.
  • Efficient – Elonroad’s electric road and park charger transfers high power up to 300kW with a 97% efficiency.
  • Economical – The cost for two lanes of electric road is preliminarily calculated to be 1 MEuro/km. Over a 10 year perspective the cost of electric road + used electricity = the cost of otherwise used diesel or bio fuel. To make electric roads profitable, 1km of road needs to be used approximately 1 000 times a day. The reduction of CO2 emissions will make it even more beneficial.
  • Works for all – The Elonroad electric road system works for all electric vehicles, cars, taxis, buses and trucks as opposed to overhead lines that doesn’t work for cars. Cars stand for 60% of the transport greenhouse gases.
  • Green Transport – In Sweden the transport sector stands for 30% of greenhouse gases. A shift to electric transports would help reach the goal of slowing down climate change.
  • Green Electricity – The electricity needed for all vehicle transports would be about 10-15% of the total consumption. Investments in clean energy should go hand in hand with charging infrastructure.

Demonstration in Lund 2020-2022

EVolutionRoad has been given a go-ahead to build a unique test and demonstration site with Elonroad’s unique electric road system in the city of Lund. The purpose is to contribute to increasing knowledge about electricity routes as part of the future fossil-free transport system.

The assignment comes from the Swedish Transport Administration. It´s the first electric road with ground level feeding system tested for a city bus and other vehicles in a city environment. The project is a test and demonstration project. Duration 2019-2022.

The consortium includes nine actors from the business sector, universities and the public sector: Innovation Skåne AB (project manager), Elonroad AB, Kraftringen Energi AB, Lund municipality / Future by lund, Lund University of Technology, LTH, Ramboll AB, Skånetrafiken AB, Solaris Sverige AB, National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI.

The Swedish Transport Administration finances SEK 83 million of the project’s total budget of SEK 96 million. Other funding comes from players that have joined forces in the Elväg Syd consortium.


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