Comeca: A Leader in the Power Electronics and Electric Vehicle Charging Industries

With more than 2,000 rectifiers installed worldwide for over six decades, Comeca is a leader in the power electronics and energy conversion sectors. The company specialised in charging systems for electric vehicles in 1993, and in 2010 became the first European company to receive CHadeMO certification.

Its engineering, production and service teams have gained recognition from electric vehicle manufacturers and operators across Europe. Comeca is involved in many sectors to ensure reliable, safe and available power conversion. Its expertise in severe environments with high process constraints meets the needs of green hydrogen production.

Connected Charging Stations for Electrical and Hydrogen Mobility

For electric mobility, Comeca offers connected and ultra-fast charging solutions ranging from 50 kW to 640 kW for large vehicles, buses, trucks and commercial vehicles. The international company offers a comprehensive and integrated approach with its Smart Charging solution to ensure vehicle fleet availability, technological performance and energy savings. This turnkey solution is aimed at end customers, bus or truck users. Using Comeca allows them to have a single manufacturer and a single contact for the next 20 years of the installation.

For hydrogen mobility, Comeca offers containers dedicated to hydrogen production stations for recharging heavy vehicles. The company is recognised as an expert in the supply of rectifiers with PEM or Alkaline technologies for over 15 years. Indeed, it masters the power supply of the electrolysis process, as a reference supplier to the largest energy distributors. The electrolyser manufacturers call on Comeca to be the partner of H2 mobility recharging stations, or for mass production, in the factory.

Case Study: A Scalable and Sustainable Charging Solution for Strasbourg European City

In order to continue the energy transition of public transport in the Strasbourg district, the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) has called upon Comeca to assist with the switch to electric power for its buses.

In October 2021, the district of Strasbourg officially adopted the implementation of a Low Emission Zone in order to progressively eliminate the most polluting vehicles in the 33 communes composing the metropolitan area.

The charging stations chosen are expandable to meet the growing need for public transportation in the region and to meet the challenge of a cleaner city and transportation that is accessible to the greatest number of users, regardless of the neighborhood. Thanks to Comeca’s AMBER chargers, the buses can be charged with an even higher capacity or even faster to recover 100% of the charge.

Comeca’s charging stations comply with current European standards and are interoperable with all brands. The CTS can equip itself with several different brands of buses (APTIS from ALSTOM, IRIZAR,…).

Thanks to this solution, Strasbourg benefits from operational flexibility for its current operations, but above all from a long-term support commitment whatever the evolution of their needs in the coming years.

The transformation of a bus depot to electric power must be considered in the long term. To have this vision, the total cost of ownership is a good indicator. In this project, it allowed us to offer the best CAPEX/OPEX ratio thanks to the OPEX savings achieved with the Comeca solution. Thus, the CTS has control over its investments for the next 20 years.

The Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois entrusted Comeca teams with the customized development of a complete charging supervision and Smart Charging solution.

Since its implementation, Smart Charging has proven itself and demonstrated the need for such a system. The solution ensures:

  • Monitoring of the loads in progress
  • The planning of loads synchronized with their scheduling software
  • Control of the available electrical power in the fleets and the proper distribution of the load
  • Clear reporting of load costs

Key Products

Charging station: The Amber 2 charging station is specifically designed for heavy vehicles and can be installed in local or remote configurations. Comeca provides charging masts which are suitable for charging buses that operate on long routes and are interoperable with all types of ISO or DIN buses. In addition, the overhead mast charging system is designed to provide high performance and connectivity for large vehicles. With its flexible design and range of power levels from 50 to 640 kW, this system is suitable for a wide range of electric vehicle charging needs.

Smart charging software: Our remote monitoring solution allows you to monitor the operational state of your charging infrastructure from anywhere, whether you have a small, isolated charging station or a countrywide network. You can access this information using a PC, tablet, or mobile device, giving you the flexibility to keep track of your charging infrastructure no matter where you are. This solution is ideal for organizations looking to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of their electric vehicle charging systems.

Allhydre rectifier for hydrogen production containers: Comeca offers its containerised energy management solutions with an optimised cooling system, suitable for ATEX zones, specifically dedicated to hydrogen production. The containerisation of multi-technology packages for hydrogen production is designed by studying and coordinating the integration of components to deliver modules with an optimised deployment time. Comeca’s Allhydre rectifier used to power the electrolyser is adapted for a containerised installation and incorporates a cooling system. The different equipment can be monitored via a smart automation solution.

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