Micromobility Europe

01 Jun 2022 - 02 Jun 2022

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View event site Location: Kromhouthal, Gedempt Hamerkanaal, Amsterdam, Netherlands Organiser: Micromobility Industries Organiser Website: https://micromobility.io/#/

Micromobility Europe will take place on 1–2 June 2022 in Amsterdam.

The world’s fastest-growing mobility conference, Micromobility Europe will be a 2-day celebration of electric vehicles featuring over 50 world-class speakers, over 100 expos and demos and over 1000 global visitors. The event aims to focus on the transformation of the urban mobility ecosystem.

Participants will:

  • Learn from leaders – join industry insiders as they share insights, experience and announcements
  • Test the tech – browse best-in-class products and solutions from start-ups and established players
  •  Meet the vanguard – connect and network with the wider industry, from founders and investors to policymakers and journalists

Agenda highlights:

  • Networking and test rides
  • Stages and speeches, including:
    • Netflix for bikes: the rise of subscription services
    • Pandemic reset: ridership and revenue after crisis
    • How to make scooters profitable
    • Evolving consumer trends in micromobility
    • Will small operators be micromobility’s biggest winners?
    • Joyride Academy Experience – in-person workshop focused on micromobility operators
    • Making cities for people, not cars
    • Safer modes, safer streets
    • Reclaiming urban space and mobility
    • The dawn of AI and micromobility
  • Happy hour and after-party

Read more about the Micromobility Europe event and register for your General Admission, Early Mover or Expo Only tickets here.

The event is organised by Micromobility Industries.

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