HyVolution will take place on 11–12 May 2022 in Paris, France.

France is one of the leading countries in the acceleration of zero-carbon emission and the counter-offensive on climate change, and, as the hydrogen event for energy, industry and mobility, HyVolution will be more decisive than ever in the creation of a new world order for energy resourcing and usage. The event will enable French and European businesses to create new partnerships for tackling public and private projects, to meet up in person and to trade innovative thoughts and solutions. More than 200 companies from the sector, 11 local government regions and 10 companies from France’s CAC50 share index will be in attendance, including Alstom, EDF, Engie, Michelin, Renault and TotalEnergies.

The three themes of the event:

  • Mobility – cars, bikes, buses, trains, lorries, ships, barges, special transport, refilling infrastructures etc
  • Energy – power2gas, renewables, buildings, storage, off-grid sites etc
  • Industry – chemicals, metallurgy, glass, petrochemicals etc

HyVolution will offer solutions, products and further discussions for companies, local authorities and partners via conferences, 8 theme-based sessions, interactive workshops and an outdoor display of hydrogen-powered vehicles, including generation units. All sessions and workshops will be filmed and available for catch-up on the event’s social media channels. The event will also handle jobs and training as a main aspect of the 2022 show, to transmit the skills needed for high-performance hydrogen workers and guarantee the emergence of a French sector that creates jobs and value in the region.

Forums, sessions and workshops include:

  • Hydrogen fuel cells
  • Meeting decarbonisation targets
  • Training and research in the hydrogen sector
  • Liquid hydrogen for mobility
  • Case studies of hydrogen projects in France and abroad
  • Climate impacts
  • Decarbonising the steel industry
  • Electric-hydrogen trucks
  • Low-carbon strategies for freight and construction
  • Hydrogen leakage mitigation risk
  • Hydrogen strategies for the automotive sector
  • Green assets of the mobility of the future
  • Hydrogen in motor racing
  • Underground storage
  • Decarbonisation of the agri-food industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Nomad Car H2, the world’s first H2 retrofitted coach

Read more about the HyVolution 2022 event here and register for your passes here.

The event is organised by GL Events with GreenTech+. Organised in collaboration with France Hydrogene.


11th - 12 May 2022


Paris Event Center, 20 Avenue de la Porte de la Villette, Paris, France

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