Cenex-CAM Event will take place at UTAC Millbrook, UK on 7-8 September 2022. This event is co-located with Cenex-LCV.

Cenex-Connected Automated Mobility (Cenex-CAM) started in 2019, after building on 3 prior years of exhibition and seminar programme showcasing for Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology and projects. This event is co-located with Cenex-LCV and run by Cenex with assistance from Supporting Partners.

Cenex-CAM incorporates four key features:

  • Technology Exhibition co-located with Cenex-LCV
  • Extensive Seminar Programme
  • Dedicated Networking Area
  • Test Rides available

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7th - 8 Sep 2022


Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford, UK

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+44 (0)1509 642 500