ASEAN Electric Vehicle Summit will take place on 16–17 November 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The ASEAN Electric Vehicle Summit is dedicated to discussing and promoting the adoption of electric vehicles within the ASEAN region. The summit aims to bring together government officials, industry leaders, experts, researchers, and other stakeholders to exchange knowledge, showcase technological advancements, and discuss policy initiatives related to electric mobility. The event will gather about 100 automotive industry experts, and provide a platform for participants to discuss topics such as electric vehicle infrastructure development, charging technologies, battery technologies, regulatory frameworks, market incentives, and the overall potential and challenges of electric vehicle adoption in ASEAN countries.

Participating sectors include: Automotive Industry Association, Consulting Organisations, Original Equipment Manufacturers, Auto Dealers, Solution Providers, Infrastructure Providers, Solution Integration Providers, Automotive Innovative Materials Suppliers, Automotive Interior
Materials Suppliers, Component Suppliers, Automotive Testing and Certification Organisations, Logistics companies and Financial institutions.

Topics include:

  • ASEAN Electric Vehicle Market Analysis and Outlooking
  • Charging Infrastructure: Key for Electric Vehicle Development
  • New Business Model in ASEAN
  • Build a Localised Supply Chain System Reduce the Risk of Business Development
  • Build Sustainable Electric Vehicle Supply Chain
  • How Electric Vehicle Could Help Shape the Future of Clean Transportation
  • Advanced Electric Vehicle Technology Brings Transition of Low Carbon Transportation
  • The Advantages of Developing Electric Vehicle Battery in ASEAN

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The event is organised by ECV International.


16th Nov - 17 Oct 2023


Bangkok, Thailand

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ECV International

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